Valentine Wolf Haus Museum 


Jeffris Genealogy Research

Shoemaker Half-Timber Haus 1854

Open Wednesdays between
June 3rd to September 30th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm 
Call 262-628-3170

Local genealogist & society member Robert Kohls does extensive research in many area archives and has recently published comprehensive family genealogies. He has offered his expertise and experience to our society every season on Wednesdays at the Jeffris' library.

Located in the Valentine Wolf Haus, the Jeffris Family Foundation Research Library is a resource for anyone looking to find out more about their family roots, in the immediate area of the Village of Germantown, including Dheinsville, Goldenthal, Rockfield and other first settlements. Since the 1970s, the Germantown Historical Society has been collecting pertinent records, photographs, maps, genealogy and books that can shed light on the history of the area. Included in the library is an index of over 75,000 individuals that are featured in the collected manuscripts, records and documents. We hold census records, tax rolls, insurance ledgers, as well as documents pertaining to the Christ Church, such as burials, weddings, confirmations, and baptisms. All of these records are open to researchers.


We have a collection of 1100 (and always growing) historic photographs from the area. These photographs can be reproduced and purchased for a fee.

We welcome research requests; please fill out the form below and a genealogist will contact you about your request. We will do preliminary research to see if our records can help you but there is a charge of $10/hour for any detailed research work. Please allow ample time for our volunteers to respond to your request.

For information on photos or to have us help find genealogy information please fill out the form below...