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Available at a slight EXTRA charge is a guided tour of the 1860 era native limestone 

The Christ Church was built in 1862 and on the National Register. The congregation was founded in 1842, one of the oldest in Washington County, and the oldest in Germantown, by settlers from the Hunsruck area of Germany

It was called Evangelisch Christus Kirche. In 1890, three bells were purchased for the new bell tower, which are still rung today. Next to the church is a pioneer cemetery.


CURRENT NEWS: We have renovated our exhibits in the Christ Church of Local History. Our director, Irene Blau, for over 30 years has retired in 2009. In honor of her dedication of our history preservation, her portrait and biography will become permanent displays in the museum.

  • Built 1862 - On National Register

  • Replaced Log Church (1852)

  • Remodeled in 1910-1915

  • Stained Glass Windows:
    Hand Painted Originals
    4 Center Paintings - Parable of the Seed, Birds' Feed, Stones, Weeds, Good Land
    4 Others - Scenes from the Bible

  • Restored in 2011-2012